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To believe that hotels have no access to the internet today is quite remarkable.  More frustrating is having to walk around your room trying to get that extra bar of signal.  You then finally connect to find that Google takes five minutes to load or your company’s email is blocked.  Even more unacceptable is staying at a chain hotel such as the Premier Inn, Travelodge or Hilton Hotel where they charge you £15 per day to connect.

At the Jesmond Dene we have a supreme Gigabit network with the latest Netgear access points on each level.  This means that no matter where you are staying in the hotel you will receive the strongest signal.  Our external connection to the World Wide Web uses ADSL2 technology.  This results to a true 150 megabyte connection and more importantly a 1:1 contention ratio.  Upload speeds of up to 10 megabytes makes your browsing experience simply hassle free.  With 24 hour IT support at the hotel, any local problems you may have with your device can be fixed within 20 minutes.

Our Free WIFI is available in all rooms and apartments; it is open and unlimited for all of our customers.

24 Hour Reception

We operate a 24 hour reception; therefore you will not need to worry about late check-in.  We generally ask for flight details should be you arriving into London later then midnight simply for our night staff to monitor your flight should it be delayed.  The hotel is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  If you arrive to check in prior to our check in opening times, you will be asked to leave your bags at the hotel and return after 15:00 when your room(s) will be ready.  When you return you will then be given a set of keys. One key for your room and one key for the main entrance.  This will mean that you are free to enter and leave the hotel 24 hours per day at your convenience.

Luggage Storage

We offer all of our customers free luggage storage prior to check in.  This will make moving around London much easier and  lighter for you.    If you return to the hotel anytime after 15:00 our staff will safely place your luggage into your room ready for checkin.

On departure most of our customers take advantage of our free luggage storage as well. As checkout is 11:00 you may want to leave your luggage with us till the end of the day.   As we are located so close to Kings Cross and St Pancras station, you can leave your bags at the hotel and use every last minute in London for extra sightseeing and more shopping! Return back to base at the Jesmond Dene Hotel to pick up your luggage before leaving.


All of our rooms are fitted with internal intercom handsets.  These allow you to easily call our 24 hour reception should you have any problems or questions.  You can receive external phone calls in the comfort of your room as well as make external phone calls at an extra charge.  If you are traveling as a group you are able to interconnect to other rooms in your party for the extra convenience.

CCTV Operation

London is one of the safest cities in Europe and  Kings Cross St Pancras is also an extremely safe area.  The station is heavily monitored with CCTV due to the shear volumes of people that travel daily through the stations.   At the hotel we like to ensure all of our customers feel safe and secure and that is why we have installed the latest sophisticated CCTV technology.  We find that this feature of our hotel is very popular among the many single females that travel and stay at the Jesmond Dene.  Being in a new city where you are unsure of the security level, it is always nice to feel that you can come and stay in a secure environment.

Non Smoking Hotel

The law concerning smoking changed in 2008 which means it is now illegal to smoke in hotels in London.  We have been running this policy for over ten years on our own.   In actual fact all of our staff are also non smokers, something you do not find in all hotels.